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Breast CancerScoutTM is a blood test that can indicate whether or not breast cancer is likely to be present.  The test may be used to supplement breast imaging (mammography, ultrasound, MRI) to help determine when a biopsy is necessary, particularly for women who have dense breast tissue or other factors that make breast images difficult to interpret.  Once fully investigated in a clinical setting, Breast CancerScoutTM may also provide a new screening option that will supplement imaging to improve the accuracy of early breast cancer detection.



  • May supplement breast imaging to improve diagnostic accuracy
  • No radiation exposure
  • Fast analysis times
  • No specialty clinic visit, can be added to regular blood sample collection
  • Results easy to interpret
  • May enable regular or repeat screening for high risk groups

Frequently Asked Questions

The diagnostic test is used for individuals who already have a cancer diagnosis. The screening test is used as part of an annual exam to test for the possible presence of cancer. If positive, further testing will likely be conducted.

The test can be ordered by your doctor once it is approved for patient use. The necessary blood sample will be collected as part of your or annual exam blood draw, and sent to a lab for processing.

We are investigating the possibility of using the test as an initial screening tool, although initially, the test would be complementary.

When used according to Syantra’s instructions, the test has a sensitivity of over 80%. Mammograms have sensitivity of 77%.

Testing would typically occur as part of your annual wellness exam. Your age, health status, and family history will affect the frequency of testing. This is a decision that will be made by your doctor.

The results will indicate the likelihood that breast cancer may be present. If a positive result is obtained, then further testing will be recommended to reach a diagnosis.

The final cost of the test will not be available until regulatory approval is obtained. Syantra estimates that it will be on par or less expensive than mammography.