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Syantra Inc. uses advanced molecular analysis techniques, custom chemistry, and the power of bioinformatics to provide sensitive and specific tests for cancer detection and typing. Our integrated approach was developed in the research lab and validated in patient populations. Our unique method for biomarker discovery, validation and analysis allows us to address a range of cancer questions, and brings the power of qPCR to the cutting edge of molecular profiling.

Breast Cancer Detection Blood Test

Syantra has developed a  breast cancer screening blood test that can indicate whether or not breast cancer is likely to be present.  This test can be used with mammography to help determine when a biopsy is necessary, and it can be used with women who may have tissue factors that make mammography difficult to interpret.  Eventually, it may be used as a part of an annual exam to provide regular screening that works with mammography to improve the accuracy of breast exam results.


Unique chemistry provides exceptional sensitivity and performance. All assays are ISO 13485 certified.


User-friendly and robust tests.  Multiple samples analyzed per run. Automated data analysis and reporting.


No risk to radiation exposure.


Correlated to pathology outcomes. Optimized detection for multiple targets simultaneously. Integrated quality control/quality assurance for each test. High reproducibility.


Tests run in about an hour and a half. Results available immediately upon test completion in an easy to understand report.